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Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1885

ORAU Member since: 1946 (Charter Member)

Member Councilor: Timothy Lieuwen

Enrollment: 26,839 (fall 2016)

Mission Statement:

As a unit of the University System of Georgia, our mission is clear: to provide the state of Georgia with the scientific and technological base, innovation, and workforce it needs to shape a prosperous and sustainable future and quality of life for its citizens. It is achieved through educational excellence, innovative research, and outreach in selected areas of endeavor.

Georgia Tech’s mission in education and research will provide a setting for students to engage in multiple intellectual pursuits in an interdisciplinary fashion. Because of our distinction for providing a broad but rigorous education in the multiple aspects of technology, Georgia Tech seeks students with extraordinary motivation and ability and prepares them for lifelong learning, leadership, and service. As an institution with an exceptional faculty, an outstanding student body, a rigorous curriculum, and facilities that enable achievement, we are an intellectual community for all those seeking to become leaders in society.

Georgia Tech values its position as a leading public research university in the United States and understands full well its responsibility to advance society toward a proper, fair, and sustainable future. By seeking to develop beneficial partnerships with public and private sectors in education, research, and technology, Georgia Tech ensures relevance in all that it does and assures that the benefits of its discoveries are widely disseminated and used in society.

Georgia Tech pursues its mission by giving the highest respect to the personal and intellectual rights of everyone in our diverse community. In return, we expect that all members of our community will conduct themselves with the highest ethical principles.

Website: Georgia Institute of Technology