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Johnson C. Smith University

Associate Member

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Founded: 1867

ORAU Member since: 2003

Member Councilor: Hang Chen

Enrollment: 1,428 (fall 2016)

Mission Statement:

Our university is dedicated to providing a world-class education to our students. Highly motivated with diverse talents, our students come from a variety of ethnic, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds.

Our commitment to students

We focus on helping students:

  • Develop professional and social skills needed for success in the workforce
  • Understand and appreciate various cultures of the world
  • Identify the role and impact they can have in society, both in college and after graduation

We provide an environment where students can explore and grow – intellectually, physically, socially, culturally and spiritually – and where they can develop a sense of social and civic responsibility.

Our commitment to faculty

At JCSU, we are committed to hiring and retaining expert faculty members who prepare our students for a demanding job market.

We promote faculty development, encourage faculty involvement in research and other creative activities. The results are outstanding and innovative programs of study that challenge and motive our students.

Our commitment to staff

We recognize that every staff member is a part of our students’ JCSU experience. As a vital part of the JCSU family, our staff embrace the university’s proud history and are instrumental in helping us achieve our goals for the future.

Our commitment to the community

Great universities play an active role in their communities, and JCSU is no exception. Our connections with businesses and organizations in Charlotte help teach our students about the importance of community involvement, while also helping our neighbors grow with us.

Website: Johnson C. Smith University