Throughout 2011, ORAU has remained strong in the face of our country’s economic challenges by strategically connecting our expertise with the needs of our customers and the nation and by integrating our diverse services to provide seamless support.
— Andy Page
ORAU President and CEO
Japan Disaster Support

Responding to Japan’s Nuclear Crisis with Integrated Support

As news began to spread about the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan, ORAU experts in radiation emergency medicine, emergency management and public and environmental health were already collaborating with government agencies to provide a swift and coordinated response. Browse our “timeline of response” and learn the details of ORAU’s integrated support for this international disaster…    

Expertise and Impact

Aligning Expertise with Critical National and International Needs

Closely aligned with our customers’ missions, ORAU has long partnered with federal agencies, national laboratories and private industry to answer their varied challenges and address changing needs. Read about the impact that ORAU’s expertise has had on critical national and international initiatives in 2011…

University Partnerships

Partnering with Universities to Advance Research and Education

ORAU is bringing together our member institutions for productive collaborations that advance national research efforts and strengthen faculty and student development. Discover how ORAU’s university partnerships have created these types of opportunities in 2011…

Community Involvement

Promoting Science and Education in our Community and Beyond

Our enduring mission is to advance the scientific research and education enterprises of our nation, and we are investing to do the same in our own local community. From classroom makeovers and education grants to support for special literacy programs, learn about some of ORAU’s community outreach activities in 2011…