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STEM Stories

Scientists connect with young minds as they tell their stories about why they chose to pursue careers in science

Looking for ways to inspire young minds to pursue STEM-related careers? ORAU is connecting scientists to the students through STEM Stories, where students participate in live talks by dynamic speakers and innovators in their fields as they describe their journey to where they are now.

Through this experience, students will hear the practical and inspirational steps professional scientists have taken to achieve their dreams and successes in STEM careers.

Miss a previous STEM Stories event? Watch the videos below to hear from scientists who chose to pursue a career in a STEM-related discipline.

STEM Stories - Lonnie Love

STEM Stories: Lonnie Love from ORISE on Vimeo.

STEM Stories - Ian Anderson

STEM Stories: Ian Anderson from ORISE on Vimeo.

STEM Stories - Erin Webb

STEM Stories: Erin Webb from ORISE on Vimeo.

STEM Stories - Jibo Sanyal

STEM Stories: Jibo Sanyal from ORISE on Vimeo.