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Health physics services

ORAU provides health physics services in support of federal agencies and contractors

Technician conducting wall scan

Does your agency demand professionals who understand radiation hazards and their prevention and control? If so, ORAU is nationally recognized for our full range of health physics services that can help you protect your workers, the public and the environment from potential radiation dangers.

Our health physicists have industry-recognized experience to offer a full range of support for audits and reviews, dose modeling and technical evaluations.

As a leader in health physics services, ORAU is recognized for its extensive expertise in these areas:

Applied health physics evaluationApplied health physics evaluations and projects

From technical evaluations to software development, we can identify, measure and assess the presence of radiological materials. We can also provide advice on regulatory compliance issues.

Health physics publicationsAssessment services for radiological programs and facilities

We have Department of Energy-approved auditors who conduct radiological control audits of treatment storage and disposal facilities (TSDF). We also perform evaluations of radiological release programs.

Nuclear power facilityDose modeling and assessment

Our expertise in understanding the effects of radiation can help you educate your workers and the public about exposures and how to mitigate them.

Laboratory analysisStandards development

Our knowledge and experience is routinely requested in the development of technical standards and guidelines.

Health physics resources

We have compiled a comprehensive list of links to health physics resources on the Web.

Health physics online museumHealth physics historical instrumentation collection

Deemed the official repository for historical radiological instruments by the Health Physics Society, this unique collection is housed at ORAU and available for online browsing.