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ORAU Nanotechnology Studies Program

Promoting awareness for the responsible use and development of nanotechnology

WATCH: The ORAU Nanotechnology Studies Program video (2:07)

Nanotechnology is a complicated subject and is not well known to many. In order to improve awareness of nanotechnology, better understanding of the uses and potential challenges of nanotechnology must be communicated with the general public and to certain groups, such as safety professionals, health care providers, business leaders and government officials.

The uses of nanotechnology span across many sectors and have the potential for significant impact on climate change, sustainable development and global health.

See The Nanotechnology Spectrum for more information.

The purpose of ORAU’s Nanotechnology Studies Program is to promote awareness of the uses and challenges of nanotechnology as they apply to public health and safety. This is achieved through:

  • Education and training
  • Outreach and evaluation
  • Health and environmental monitoring
  • Applied research
  • Management consulting

With the support of its partners, ORAU will help to safely usher in a new age of technology.