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Radiation Emergency Medical Response

ORAU Experts Advise Health and Emergency Professionals on the Medical Aspects of Human Exposure to Radiation

Medical professionals participate in a REAC/TS continuing medical education course

If a radiological weapon of mass destruction was detonated in the United States, would our nation’s health providers be ready to potentially treat large numbers of victims?

Emergency medical professionals face stark challenges when confronted with potentially catastrophic incidents involving radiological materials on the U.S. homeland.

With more than 30 years of experience in radiation emergency medical response, ORAU helps strengthen national and global preparedness to respond to mass exposure incidents.

Our reputation spans the globe. As a U.S. Department of Energy response asset and one of only two World Health Organization Collaborating Centers in the United States, we are respected for our experience and proven performance in the medical management of radiation incidents.

We are recognized around the world for our radiation emergency medicine expertise in the following areas:

Emergency Response Asset

With our specialized personnel and unique resources, ORAU is prepared to provide emergency medical response 24/7 to incidents involving radiological or nuclear materials.

Medical Management of
Radiation Incidents

Internationally known as leaders in the field of radiation emergency medicine, our personnel are available to offer advice or consultation on issues specific to the medical management of radiation incidents.

Radiation Treatment Pharmaceuticals

We provide clinical information and data to practitioners worldwide on calcium and zinc diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) and Prussian Blue.

Radiation Accident Registry System

We maintain national and international registries to provide medical professionals with important information concerning radiation accidents worldwide.

National Exercises

ORAU participates in national exercises where a simulated terrorist attack involves a radiological weapon of mass destruction.