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The Ohio State University

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Founded: 1870

ORAU Member since: 2003

Member Councilor: Caroline Whitacre

Enrollment: 59,837 (fall 2017)

Mission Statement:

To advance the well-being of the people of Ohio and the global community through the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Core Values

  • Pursue knowledge for its own sake.
  • Ignite in our students a lifelong love of learning.
  • Produce discoveries that make the world a better place.
  • Celebrate and learn from our diversity.
  • Open the world to our students.

Overarching Goal
The Ohio State University will be among the world’s truly great universities.

The Ohio State University will be recognized worldwide for the quality and impact of its research, teaching, and service. Our students will be able to learn and to advance knowledge in all areas. As a 21st century land-grant university, The Ohio State University will set the standard for the creation and dissemination of knowledge in service to its communities, state, nation, and the world. Our faculty, students, and staff will be among the best in the nation.

Academic excellence will be enriched by an environment that mirrors the diverse world in which we live. Within this environment, we will come to value the differences in one another along with the similarities, and to appreciate that the human condition is best served through understanding, acceptance, and mutual respect. Throughout the learning process, our faculty and staff will find the highest levels of fulfillment and satisfaction as they collaborate to educate and support a student body recognized for its scholarship and integrity.

Students will have the opportunity to learn on our campuses or from locations around the world through the innovative use of technology. The quality of our physical facilities and grounds will be consistent with our world-class status. Extracurricular activities will support the personal growth of all members of our community. Our intercollegiate athletic programs will routinely rank among the elite few.

Graduation rates for all students will compare favorably with the nation’s best public universities. Most of all, our graduates will be among the most sought after by the world’s best employers and will become leaders in their communities and accomplished professionals in their chosen work. We will lead Ohio to a dynamic knowledge economy, and our research, widely known for its multidisciplinary programs, will help solve the most challenging social, cultural, technical, and health- related problems.

The excellence of our programs will be recognized by the highest levels of public and private support. As a result, The Ohio State University will earn an intensity of alumni loyalty and of public esteem unsurpassed by any other university.

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