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University of Colorado Boulder

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Founded: 1877

ORAU Member since: 2014

Member Councilor: Victor Bright

Enrollment: 33,246 (fall 2018)

Mission Statement:

CU-Boulder’s vision is grounded in its statutory mission as a national public research university. In Colorado statute, the university is defined as the “comprehensive graduate research university with selective admissions standards . . . offer(ing) a comprehensive array of undergraduate, master and doctoral degree programs” of what is now designated the University of Colorado System.

CU-Boulder recognizes the exceptional opportunities associated with its role as a research university, and values the unique strength and character research achievements bring to undergraduate education. It is keenly aware of its responsibility for educating the next generation of citizens and leaders, and for fostering the spirit of discovery through research. Indeed, CU-Boulder believes that its students, both graduate and undergraduate, benefit from the comprehensive mix of programs and research excellence that characterize a flagship university. Thus, CU-Boulder’s statutory mission is relevant today and will remain relevant tomorrow.

Website: University of Colorado Boulder

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