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Together with our customers and partners, we’re answering critical national needs for better education, more responsive healthcare, a safer and cleaner environment, and advances in science and technology to strengthen America’s competitiveness. Applying these capabilities, ORAU also manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education for the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Science Education and Peer Review

Strengthening America’s scientific research and education enterprise to enhance global competitiveness

Environmental Assessments, Worker and Public Health

Building public confidence in the management of health issues and environmental cleanup initiatives

National Security and Emergency Preparedness

Enhancing our nation’s preparedness to respond to emergencies related to terrorist incidents and natural disasters

Partnership Development

Creating dynamic partnerships among research universities, government entities, national laboratories, and private companies

Professional Training

Offering a variety of professional training courses in the areas of health physics, national security, radiation emergency medicine, and health communication and marketing


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The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) is a DOE institute, which is managed by ORAU. ORISE addresses national needs in assessing and analyzing environmental and health effects of radiation, beryllium, and other hazardous materials; developing and operating medical and national security radiation emergency management and response capabilities; and managing education programs to help ensure a robust supply of scientists, engineers, and technicians to meet future science and technology needs. ORISE creates opportunities for collaboration through partnerships with other DOE facilities, federal agencies, academia, and industry in a manner consistent with DOE objectives and the ORISE mission.

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