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What We Buy

ORAU Procurement and Contracts Administration oversees the purchase of a wide range of products and services

ORAU is involved in many initiatives such as administering and/or responding to:

  • Science education and peer review programs
  • Student and faculty education opportunities
  • Worldwide emergency response and training
  • Unique emergencies, such as terrorist attacks or radiation accidents
  • Research and training to help organizations protect the health and safety of their employees
  • Environment preservation and public protection of radiological hazardous site characterization and cleanup verification

A wide variety of products and services are purchased to accomplish the goals of the prime and other contracts held by ORAU. 

Purchases include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer hardware, software and supplies
  • Electrical and electronic instruments and systems
  • Mechanical equipment and supplies
  • Laboratory, safety and operating products
  • Environmental and waste management services
  • Professional and administrative services
  • Engineering support services
  • Research & development
  • National security operations
  • Information technology
  • Construction materials and services

ORAU Procurement and Contracts Administration staff hold the actual authority to commit to purchases. Therefore, suppliers shall act only on purchase commitments made by authorized ORAU Procurement and Contracts Administration personnel.