Behavior Agreement

Onboarding Checklist Item: Review the behavior agreement below. You will be asked to sign a behavior contract on the first day of the program.

Attending the Appalachian STEM Academy is an awesome and exciting privilege. However, as with all privilege comes responsibility. To ensure a safe and successful experience for all attendees, the following expectations will be implemented during the program:

  • Create a Safe Space: Let's ensure that our program remains a safe and welcoming place for everyone—both students and staff alike.
  • Spread Kindness, Not Harm: It's important to treat each other with care and respect. No physical or emotional harm, and no threats of any kind are allowed.
  • Always Show Respect: Listen to and respect everyone around you, including staff, mentors, and fellow students.
  • Choose Positive Behavior: Keep things positive and respectful. Avoid using profanity, conducting public displays of affection (PDA), hand signs, or engaging in violent "games."
  • Stick to the Schedule: Be on time for all program activities, field trips, and meals. It helps keep things running smoothly.
  • Care for Our Space: Take good care of the campus and hotel facilities, as well as any equipment we use.
  • Tidy Up Your Room: Keep your residential room in good order, just like you would at home.
  • Stay Fresh: Practice good hygiene to ensure everyone feels comfortable.
  • Stay on Your Floor: Stick to your assigned residential floor, and don't wander to others.
  • Dress Smart: Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for all activities to stay comfortable and safe.
  • Lights Out, Stay in Your Room: For everyone's safety, don't leave your residential room after 10:00 p.m. or before 6:00 a.m., unless it's an emergency.
  • Notify Us if You Roam: If you need to leave the assigned area, please inform a resident teacher.
  • Keep it Substance-Free: Don't possess or use alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, or any paraphernalia.
  • Demonstrate Tech Courtesy: Use your cellphones/tablets during labs or meetings only with permission from a mentor or resident teacher.
  • Badge Up: Keep your name badge visible during program activities for easy identification.
  • Take Care of Yourself: If you're feeling unwell, let an adult know so we can help.
  • No Outside Food Deliveries: We've got meals covered; no need for food deliveries like Door Dash or Uber Eats.
  • No Outside Visitors: To ensure everyone's safety, please avoid inviting visitors to the program.

Let's work together to make this program a fun and respectful place for everyone!