Fundus Applicators (ca. 1940s to 1970s)

These particular devices are identified in the Radium Chemical Company catalog as "Campbell-type Heyman Fundus Applicators." Each applicator consists of a stainless steel capsule into which a radium needle or tube would be loaded, a very fine flexible stainless steel cable, and a tag. From the top down, the applicators are 7," 8," 8 1/2," and 8 1/2" long. The capsule of the 7" unit is 1" long and 4 mm in diameter while all the other capsules are 1 1/4" long. Although not the case here, each tag would normally be stamped with an identification number.

Fundus Applicators

They were designed to be inserted into the fundus (the end) of the uterus. The device used to insert them looked somewhat similar to the radon seed inserters in the collection except that it had a small clamp at one end for holding the capsule.  


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