Radium Chemical Company Carrier (ca. 1940 to 1960s)

This is a shielded carrier for brachytherapy sources. It was sold by the Radium Chemical Company, probably in the 1950s, but possibly earlier.

Radium Chemical Company Carrier
Radium Chemical Company Carrier

The company's catalogs that I have seen show something similar, except that the shielded potion of the illustrated carrier was a rectangular box rather than a cylindrical one like ours. These catalogs refer to it as an "Ernst Carrier."

An undated X-ray and Radium Industries Ltd. catalog includes a device that is almost identical to ours—they describe it as an "Operating Room Carrying Case."

Radium Chemical Company Carrier (Label)

This image shows the label on the hinged lid of the carrier.

A transport cart with rubber wheels was available from Radium Chemical Company for moving the carrier around.

  • Height: 20" to top of handle
  • Shield: 3" high and 6" in diameter
  • Shield walls: 0.5" thick


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  • X-Ray and Radium Industries Limited Canada. Catalogue of Radium and Accessory Equipment for Modern Radium Therapy. No date.