Shielded Forceps (ca. 1940s)

These shielded forceps were used to handle small sources (e.g., radium needles and radon seeds) at the Radium Chemical Company of New York City. An almost identical example is shown in a company catalog that probably dates from the 1950s or 1960s. The catalog description reads: "Lead hand shield with 12" forceps."

The photograph below left shows an identical pair of forceps in use at the facility. The hand-written inscription on the back of the photograph reads "Placing gold implants in glass ampule ready for sealing using lead-shielded forceps."

The shield consists of two layers, an inner layer of what I believe to be aluminum, and an outer layer of lead (ca. 1.5 mm thick).

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Radium Chemical Company Inc. product catalog titled "Radium Radon." No date.

Shielded Forceps (ca. 1940s)
Shielded Forceps