CD V-138 Pocket Dosimeters (1956, 1990)

The CD V-138 had the lowest exposure range of the various CDV pocket dosimeters: 0-200 milliroentgens. Since measurements this low didn't serve much of a civil defense purpose, the CD V-138 was primarily intended for use in training. Approximately 220,000 of these were produced.

CD V-138 Pocket Dosimeters
CD V-138 Pocket Dosimeters

An early production run example of the CD V-138 manufactured by the Landsverk Electrometer Company and donated to the ORAU collection by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The typed paper label on the dosimeter barrel reads: "V-138 Production Landsverk 1956." Size: 4" long, 1/2" diameter

CD V-138 Pocket Dosimeters
CD V-138 Pocket Dosimeters

A black plastic version of the CD V-138. They looked so bad when painted yellow that FEMA decided to go with a black version. This example was manufactured at the William Langer Jewel Bearing Plant in Rolla North Dakota (when it was operated by the Bulova Watch Company). In 1996 this facility was privatized and became Arrow-Tech. Size: 4 1/4" long. 1/2" diameter (ca. 1990)

CD V-138 Pocket Dosimeters

The above photo shows a 0-200 mR plastic dosimeter with the FEMA seal on the barrel. It lacks any CDV designation but it would be the CD V-138 based on its exposure range.

Approximate Cumulative Procurement, Inventory and Distribution of CD V-138s*

Fiscal Year Procured Inventoried Distributed
Through FY 1957 - - -
FY 1958 4,600 1,972
FY 1959 5,000 32 4,968
FY 1960 54,760 22,703 32,057
FY 1961 186,788 110,422 76,366
FY 1962 221,866 138,268 83,598
FY 1963 221,866
FY 1964 221,866
FY 1965 221,866 107,230 107,673
FY 1966 221,866 95,242 126,497
FY 1967 221,866 87,593 134,138
FY 1968 221,866 80,238 141,493
FY 1969 221,866 74,503 147,198
FY 1970 221,866 70,972 150,717
FY 1971 221,866 66,902 154,796
FY 1972 221,866 64,223 157,475
FY 1973 221,866
FY 1974 221,866 32,286 189,412

*The numbers in the above table should be considered approximate. I compiled them from data in the Annual Statistical Reports of the OCDM, OCD and DCPA. By "procured," I mean delivered by the manufacturer to the OCDM, OCD or DCPA. "Inventoried" means stored in a Federal (rather than state) warehouse ready for distribution. "Distributed" means sent to the end user. The latter primarily means the states, but also various federal agencies and even foreign governments. The number of procured instruments may be greater than the combined number of inventoried and distributed instruments for a variety of reasons: some may have been sent back to the manufacturer, some may have been disposed of, the numbers might be incorrect, etc. 

Donated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency courtesy of Carl Siebentritt and the Defense National Stockpile Center courtesy of Mike Pecullan.