CD V-718 Survey Meter (ca. 1994)

CD V-718 Survey Meter
CD V-718 Survey Meter

The CD V-718, manufactured in the mid 1990s by Nuclear Research Corporation, is the most recent in a long line of CDV survey meters.

Quoting the FEMA manual: "This instrument set is identical to the Department of Army Radiac Set AN/VDR-2 except as follows:

  • Readout is in mR and R instead of Grays
  • Color is yellow instead of olive drab"

Exposure Rate Range: 0.001 mR/hr to 10,000 R/hr

CD V-718 Survey Meter (ca. 1994)

Accumulated Exposure Range: 0.001 mR to 10,000 R

Alarms: Audio and visual

Batteries: Three BA-3090 9V dry cells

Size: ca. 9" x 7" x 3"

Weight: ca. 4.6 lbs

The CD V-718 achieves its impressive range (0.001 mR/hr to 10,000 R/hr) by employing two GM detectors: a large low-range end window GM and a small high-range GM detector mounted on the side of the probe housing the large GM (not visible in the above images).

This unit is primarily intended for gamma exposure rate measurements (either aerial or ground-based), but it can be used to evaluate surface contamination. To survey for contamination on personnel, equipment, etc., the hinged protective cap on the end window must be opened. Nevertheless, pancake GMs are usually preferred for the assessment of surface contamination.

Very kindly donated by Mark Langston, and in excellent working condition!


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