Wrist Band Film Badge (late 1940s, early 1950s)

Wristband dosimeter

AEC Model Number: PF-1C

This wrist band film badge was almost certainly manufactured by the A.M. Samples Machine Company of Knoxville Tennessee sometime in the late 1940s or ealy 1950s. Although, there are no markings of any type on the badge, it is identical to one illustrated in the Atomic Energy Commission's "Radiation Instrument Catalog No. 2."

The badge is fabricated from stainless steel and was designed for use with dental film. There is a window on the badge behind the "12" on the paper insert (the 1 is faint and difficult to see). Darkening of the film behind this window would be indicative of the low energy photon and beta exposures as well as the gamma ray exposure.

The upper half of the badge (above the "12") incorporates a cadmium filter to flatten the film's over-response to low energy photons. The cadmium filter on the font side of the badge incorporates a perforated ID number: 12.

This type of badge would have been used to estimate the dose to the hands of someone who was handling sources (e.g., packaging, shipping).


Atomic Energy Commission, Radiation Instrument Catalog. Catalog No. 2. Part 2. Page PF-1C, Page Date November 1, 1948. Catalog date 1950.