Harold Gray Medal - International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU)

ICRU Gray Medal
ICRU Gray Medal

Quoting the ICRU News: "The Gray Medal was established by the ICRU in 1967. It is awarded for outstanding contributions to basic or applied radiation science of interest to the ICRU and honors the late Louis Harold Gray, former member and Vice-Chairman of the Commission." 

The medal, made of silver, has only been awarded to the following individuals:

First recipient: Lewis V. Spencer
Second recipient:  John W. Boag
Third recipient: Mortimer M. Elkind
Fourth recipient: Maurice Tubiana
Fifth recipient: Harald H. Rossi
Sixth recipient: Dietrich Schulte-Frohlinde
Seventh recipient: H. Rodney Withers
Eighth recipient: Paul Lauterbur
Ninth recipient: Herman Suit
Tenth recipient: Michael Fry
Eleventh recipient: Martin J. Berger
Twelfth recipient: Charles Metz

The example shown here, the more common and somewhat less prestigious bronze version of the medal, is given to an individual who has assisted the ICRU in some capacity. It is 3 inches in diameter (you would have thought that the ICRU would use metric dimensions) and weighs 197 grams.


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