Nuclear-Chicago "Count-O-Matic" Model 183 Binary Scaler (ca. 1954-1955)

The Model 183 “Count-O-Matic” scaling unit was manufactured by Nuclear-Chicago, formerly known as the Nuclear Instrument and Chemical Corporation. It was a high-end binary scaler with lots of bells and whistles, the ability to measure the time required to accumulate a pre-selected number of counts (40 to 256,000), and a very short resolving time (2 us). A single switch was used to reset the register, timer and interpolation lights.

Nuclear-Chicago "Count-O-Matic"
Nuclear-Chicago "Count-O-Matic"

This particular example (serial number 145) was used at the University of Oregon medical school and purchased at a surplus sale in 1976 by Ron Kathren. It is still in operating condition although the mechanical register has a tendency to jam.

Scale: 256

Size: 18.25" x 20.25" x 12.5"

Timer: 2 seconds to 60 minutes

High voltage supply: 500-2500 volts

Donated by Ron Kathren.


Nucleonics. February 1954, p 84.