Berkeley Model 110 Decimal Scaler (ca. 1951-1955)

The Model 110 was manufactured by Berkeley Scientific Company of Richmond California (later acquired by Tracerlab). It and the Model 100 were advertised in March 1951 as “2 NEW Berkeley SCALERS, Quality Instruments at NEW LOW COST.” While the two models were very similar, the Model 110 could supply either a positive or negative high voltage, which permitted its use with either a GM or scintillator. Another difference was that the Model 110 had a preset count capability which permitted a determination of the time required to obtain a selected count.

Berkeley Model 110

The Model 110 employed two decade scales which provided an effective scale of 100. Of course, the highest count that could be displayed on the decade scales was 99. When the count went to 100, the six place mechanical register turned over to 000001 and the decade scales registered 00.

High Voltage Supply: 0-2500 volts (positive or negative permitting use with GM or scintillation detectors)

Size: 9.75” x 10.75” x 14.5”

Weight: ca. 18 pounds

Price: $425 in 1951 


Nucleonics. March 1951, p 105.