Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer by EG&G (ca. 1960)

This small version of the Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer was produced by EG&G. It would seem that this is the original edition of the slide rule. A larger version produced by J.B. Carroll Company of Chicago was identified as the "Revised Edition 1962." This example has no such information.

Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer by EG&G (ca. 1960)

Quoting the Instructions: "As a convenience to those interested in the effects of nuclear weapons, this circular computer was designed to make data easily available on various weapon effects—some as functions of both yield and range and others on yield alone... The weapons data incorporated in this computer were taken from the very informative and useful text, The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, edited by Samuel Glasstone for the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project of the Department of Defense."

In what it does, it is somewhat similar to the BRL Nuclear Weapon Effects Computer. By specifying the weapon yield (kT or MT), the crater depth and radius can be determined. By also specifying the range, the maximum overpressure (PSI), the maximum wind speed (MPH), the estimated dose (rem) and the thermal radiation (cal/cm2) can be determined. The weapon yield can be determined from the radius of the fireball, or vice versa.

Size: 4" diameter


EG&G Instruction sheet for Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer.