Radium Water Jar (1920s, 1930s)

Radium Water Jar (1920s, 1930s)

Almost certainly, the purpose of this jar was to add radioactivity (radon) to drinking water.

Since the jar itself is not measurably radioactive, some sort of emanation device (e.g., a radioactive disk) would have been kept inside. As appears to be the case here, these types of jars and their radioactive sources often get separated,

Similar jars in the collection that still have their emanating devices include the Radium Water Jars and the Curie Jar.

If you look at the stenciled lettering on this jar, and compare it to the lettering on one of the two Radium Water jars, you will see that they are absolutely identical! This would lead you to believe that the jars were produced by the same company. Radium Health Products?

Size: ca. 8" tall and 8" diameter

Kindly donated by Marcia Williams.