Uranium Homeopathic Medicine (ca. 1940s)

Uranium Homeopathic Medicine (ca. 1940s)

This is an empty 1 dram vial of uranium metallicum homeopathic medication produced by Boericke & Tafel. Given the CM designation, it would be considered to have a very high potency. The CM refers to a one in 100 dilution repeated 100,000 times.

Like most homeopathic remedies it is intended to treat patients with a wide variety of symptoms. Too many to list here.

Based on the style of the handwriting, I would guess that this example might date from the 1940s or thereabouts. 

Uranium containing homeopathic medications such as uranium nitricum and uranium aceticum are available today. They are perfectly legal drugs even though the government doesn't recognize that they have any efficacy.

Size: ca. 2" tall