Elbow Supporter (2005)

Stayer's, a fabric developed by the Fuji Spinning Company, Ltd. of Japan (aka Fujibo), employs a thread impregnated with microscopic thorium-bearing ceramic particles.  

Elbow Supporter (2005)

According to the manufacturer, fabrics made with this material release natural radioactive gases and minus ions that have germicidal and deodorizing properties, and produce a soothing, relaxed feeling like that of a pleasant hot spring or forest. 

In this case, the fabric has been used in an elbow supporter (although the photo to the left shows it used on the forearm)

Elbow Supporter (2005)

The ion-producing fiber is also used to produce knee and back supports for strains and sprains, in waist bands, wrist bands, neck bands, pillows, blankets, towels, bed sheets, mattress covers, shirts, socks, pajamas, lingerie, and underwear.

Count rate: Approximately 150 counts per minute above background with pancake GM

Size: 3 1/2" x 8"

Price: Approximately $40

Donated by William Kolb.