NRD Ion Gun Static Eliminator (1980s)

NRD Ion Gun Static Eliminator (1980s)

This is a dummy  static eliminator "ion gun" (ca. 6 1/2" long) that was manufactured by NRD of Grand Island, New York. The ionizing component, which forms the barrel of the gun (see the yellow label and brass nozzle in photo), is identified as the "Nuclecel" Model P-2051 static eliminator.  

An alpha emitting radioactive source, polonium-210, is located inside the barrel. 

As air is blown through the gun, it is ionized by the alpha particles emitted by the polonium, and this ionized air is directed towards objects that might have a static charge. The ions in the air reduce or eliminate the static charge on those objects.

A major application of this type of  device would be in the electronics industry to eliminate static charges on circuit boards.

Donated by NRD, Nuclear Radiation Development.