Nuclestat Static Eliminator (1980s)

Nuclestat Static Eliminator (1980s)
Nuclestat Static Eliminator (1980s)

This is a dummy, Model P-2001, static eliminator (20" long, 1 1/2" wide and 1/2" thick) that was manufactured by NRD of Grand Island, New York. 

The radioactive source is a multi-layered gold and silver foil running down the length of the unit. An alpha emitting source, Po-210, is pressure welded into the foil a process that protects the radioactive material from chemical attack and mechanical vibrations. 

The alpha particles ionize the air within a one to two inch distance from the source, and the ions produced in the air are picked up by anything nearby that has a static charge. This reduces or eliminates the static charge on that object.

These devices have all sorts of uses. For example, eliminating static charges on paper, textiles, plastic and electrical circuits. They are particularly useful in hazardous areas where electrical devices cannot be used to eliminate static.

Donated by NRD.


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