General Electric Angligner (ca. 1950s)

General Electric Angligner (ca. 1950s)

This device was used to facilitate radiography of the skull, an area where precise positioning is important.

Quoting the GE catalog: "this "angle aligner"—whose name we have shortened to ANGLIGNER—is actually a protractor with a double faced dial."

"On the protractor side of the dial are two scales—the black one enables you to rotate, extend, or bend the head at the proper angle; the red one helps you to angle the cassette or film holder. On the directional side of the dial [shown in photo] are etched names, angulation limits, et cetera, of various positions used in skull radiography."

"Its beautifully made of polished stainless steel—with etched lines and letters." 

Size: 6" x 3.5" at base. Pointer 15."


General Electric Catalog. X-ray Supplies and Accessories. 1953-1954.