Uranium Rush Board Game (1955-1958)

Uranium Rush game box

Uranium Rush was a Gardner Games product from the mid-1950s. The information to the left of the cactus on the top of the box indicates that this was an "Educator Approved" Prestige Toy. In fact, it was selected as one of 104 "Outstanding Toys of 1955." When it first came out in 1955, a typical price would have been $2.95 or so. By 1958, the peak of the uranium boom had passed and it could be had for less than a dollar at close-out sales.

All the players begin with $15,000. When it is their turn, a player spins the arrow on the wheel shown below. The area the arrow points to (purple mountains, green hill country, or sandy desert) determines where on the board the player can prospect. To stake a claim, a claim marking stake must be purchased from the government bank for $1,000.

Uranium Rush game piece
Uranium Rush game piece

At this point the player stakes a claim in any one of the mines in his/her area. Either the claim can be auctioned off or the player can test the claim. This is done by touching the base of the Geiger counter to the player's master plug and touching the tip of the GM to the small metal circle around the mine (each side of the board has one master plug). If the GM lights and buzzes, uranium has been discovered and the lucky prospector receives $50,000 from the government bank! Next, the player takes a government instruction card and follows the directions. The turn is then passed on to the next person. When all the claims have been staked, the player with the most money wins. Just like in real life.

Size: 15" x 21" x 1"