Nestle's Nuclear Chocolate Bar (1998)

Nestle Nuclear Chocolate Bar

What a great PR concept! A "Nuclear Chocolate" bar to promote the 1998 movie "Armageddon." As the label indicates, it is made of "Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice and Popping Candy Particles." The idea is that popping sounds are produced when you eat the candy—a reference to the fact that the movie has Bruce Willis using an atomic bomb to blow up an asteroid on a collision course with the earth. 

Activist groups were not amused. Grandmothers for Peace International urged a "national" boycott of all Nestle products. Why they didn't want an international boycott is unknown. In a demonstration in front of Nestle's Glendale, California office, the director of the Los Angeles chapter of Alliance for Survival carried a sign that read "Don't Sugarcoat the Nuclear Issue," and a representative of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom complained that "the marketing for the candy bar is tasteless." Their views on using a nuclear weapon to save the planet went unexpressed.