Bendix Model 609 Neutron Pocket Dosimeter (ca. 1950s)

Bendix 609 pocket dosimeter

The Model 609 is a direct (self) reading pocket dosimeter manufactured by Bendix Aviation Corp. of Cincinnati. It is used to measure the accumulated exposure to thermal neutrons. According to the 1954 AEC Supplement, the range is "0 to 2X permissible daily dose units based on an allowable daily dose of 1750 n/cm2/sec. for an eight hour day."

Bendix 609 pocket dosimeter

The ionization chamber is boron coated to make it respond to thermal neutrons. Nevertheless, the dosimeter also responds to X-rays and gamma ray—a full scale deflection corresponds to about 15 R.

Charging voltage: ca. 160 volts. Chargeable on military-type chargers and Bendix charger Models 613 and 614.

Range: 0-120 mrems

Size: 4.5” long and 0.5” in diameter

Price: $39.50 in 1951

Donated by Jim Tracy.


AEC Radiation Measuring Instruments, RIB-8 (supplement 2). Page/AEC # PIC-52B. July 1, 1954.