Dolezalek Electrometer (ca. 1910-1935)

Dolezalek quadrant electrometer

Somewhat unusual Dolezalek quadrant electrometer. Of unknown manufacture. Possibly German.

As is almost always the case, the quartz suspension fiber is missing. The body, and even the quadrants, are made of stainless steel. The insulating posts supporting the quadrants are amber. The vane, not visible, is of unknown construction—opening the quadrants would requires a major disassembly.

The electrical connections for the quadrants, not visible in the photo, are on the bottom of the instrument. One of the connections is made through the open tube pointing towards the lower right hand corner of the photo on the right.

The wires leading to electrometers were often shielded from stray electrostatic charges by running them through metal tubing. The design of this electrometer would facilitate the use of such tubing.

Dolezalek quadrant electrometer