El-Tronics Model G50S GM Tube (1950s)

El Tronics G50S GM Tube

Although this GM has no identification on it, it is clearly the Model G50S tube produced by El-Tronics Inc.

According to the 1952 Atomic Energy Commission Catalog, it is a "glass wall Geiger tube designed for Cosmic ray and geological survey work." The tube is approximately 9" long and 1 1/4" in diameter. The ends have been coated with wax to reduce the leakage current from the surface of the glass wall across the insulators and to the anode leads. The fill gas is argon with some ether added as the quench gas. The operating voltage is 1000 volts. For some reason there is an electrical connection at each end of the anode. Overall, it is one well-built GM tube.

Donated by the University of Kansas courtesy of Michael Lemon.


Atomic Energy Commission AEC Radiation Instrument Catalog No. 3. Page BG-4C15A. July 1, 1952.