Canned Radiation from TMI (1979, 1980)

Canned Radiation

"Canned Radiation" from Three Mile Island produced by Brenster Enterprises of Etters Pennsylvania.

This was probably the most popular souvenir associated with the accident at Three Mile Island.

The six suggested uses indicated on the label were:

  1. Remove label and tell your enemy it's laughing gas.
  2. Energy free night light (illuminates in darkness).
  3. Mix with cold cream for that radiant beauty.
  4. Instant male sterilization (sniff twice daily).
  5. Use as a room air freshener.
  6. Toothpaste recipe: mix 3 to 1 ratio with baking soda, forever glowing smile.

Size: 4.5" high, 3" diameter

Canned Radiation