Keleket Model K-800 Survey Meter (1949-1951)

Keleket Model K-800 Survey Meter (1949-1951)
Keleket Model K-800 Survey Meter (1949-1951)

The Model K-800 GM survey meter was manufactured by the Kelley-Koett Manufacturing Company of  Covington, Kentucky. It was a rugged instrument: immersion-proof, shock-proof and it came in a heavy-duty aluminum case.

Quoting the manufacturer: “For monitoring, for geological or contamination survey... in plant, laboratory or field... the Keleket K-800 Beta-Gamma Counting Rate Meter has many new features for greater accuracy and convenience.”

Detector: Glass wall GM tube, 35 mg/cm2, Model K-15B

Range: 0-0.2, 0-2.0, 0-20 mR/h; 0-360, 0-3600, 0-36,000 cpm

Audio: No speaker but headphone jack

Batteries: One 1.5 volt, one 67.5  volt, one 300 volt

Size: 9.75” x 5” x 4”

Weight: 8 pounds

Price: $250 in 1950

The Kelly-Koett Manufacturing Company was founded by John Kelley and Albert Koett  ca. 1903. Originally located in Covington Kentucky, their first products were X-ray accessories: tube holders, induction coils, etc. When they were purchased by Tracerlab in 1951, the plant moved to Massachusetts.  


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