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Online Radiation Safety & Health Physics Training Courses

PTP sealORAU's Professional Training Programs (PTP) is pleased to announce that we now have several radiological sciences training courses available to complete online. These courses are self-paced, interactive, online classes in a modular format that have been developed by the same team that provides the instructor-led training in class. They offer the same level of quality without requiring travel or attendance in a webinar. Enrollment in an online course will still include question and answer sessions with the PTP instructor-led team, similar to what you would experience in the classroom trainings.

Online Radiation Safety & Health Physics Training Courses

Course Cost

MARSSIM $1,995
MARSSIM for Managers $399
MARSAME $1,595
Introduction to Radiation Safety (Coming soon) $1,197
Occupational Internal Dosimetry (Coming soon) $1,995
Health Physics Statistics (Coming soon) $1,995
Site Characterization (Coming soon) $1,995

NOTE: These are asynchronous (self-paced) online courses. You will have six months from the time of enrollment to complete the training. If you have difficulty registering, please contact the PTP Registrar for assistance.

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