Dress Code Guidelines

You should bring several types of clothing for the two weeks you will be in Oak Ridge. Laundry facilities are available and will be offered after the first week during the allotted time on the schedule. Participants should have enough clothing for at least one full week.  

Examples of attire to bring

  • Athletic wear for physical activities
  • A weeks’ worth of ORNL or ORISE research group clothing:
    • Closed toe shoes
    • Nice casual attire (NO athletic wear, leggings, shorts, or shirts that do not cover shoulders)
    • No loose clothing or jewelry
    • No hats
  • At least 2 outfits for educational and cultural activities:
    • Mid-thigh shorts, jeans, slacks, t-shirts, polos, mid-thigh skirts or dresses, sandals or sneakers, athletic wear, and leggings.
  • At least 1 business casual outfit for first day of research and final presentations:
    • Nice slacks, dress shirts, ties, polo shirts, blouses, mid-thigh skirts or dresses.
  • Since there is a pool at the hotel, you may also wish to bring a modest swimsuit.