Welcome to the Appalachian STEM Academy – High School Teacher Website!

  • July 6, 2024 – July 19, 2024

We are so excited for you to attend Appalachian STEM Academy this summer. You can expect to network with a variety of individuals, improve your STEM research skills and pedagogy, and have an incredible time. Approximately 40 students and 10 teachers from throughout the Appalachian Region will participate in the Academy. You will be assigned to a small group of teachers who will experience authentic research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory or Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. In addition to the research component, you will participate in several cultural experiences throughout the two weeks. Student participants will be involved in the program at the same time, and they may join the teacher group for some activities.

You will be staying at Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 114 Tulsa Road located in Oak Ridge, TN. You MAY be assigned a roommate when you arrive. There will be four Resident Teacher chaperones staying at the hotel to supervise students. You don’t have any supervisory responsibilities!

Explore this website for all information you will need to know as you prepare for Appalachian STEM Academy. Please use our Onboarding Checklist on the side to ensure that you are on track to attend.