Travel Information

We will provide all flights and transportation to and from the McGhee Tyson Airport and Oak Ridge, TN for you. Based on the responses on your Student Travel Form, we will arrange one of several transportation options for your travel. Please ensure that you and your guardian/parents fill out the Student Travel Form promptly. Once submitted, our staff will start organizing your travel arrangements.

It is crucial that both you and your guardian/parents regularly check your email. We will use email to communicate with you throughout this process. Depending on the mode of transportation you will be using, specific details will be required.

Below are details needed depending on the type of transportation you will be using.

We will purchase your airline ticket to travel to and/or from Oak Ridge, TN, including reimbursement for one checked bag.  Additionally, we will reimburse you for the mileage of your personal vehicle for one round trip between your home address and the nearest airport.

Mileage form (.PDF, 22kb)

It's important to be aware that once your airline ticket has been purchased by the program, either for a round trip or a one-way journey, you will no longer be eligible for reimbursement for mileage for traveling to or from the Appalachian STEM Academy in your personal vehicle.

Arrival: When you arrive at the McGhee Tyson Airport, you will be met in the baggage claim area by one of our Resident Teachers, who will be wearing a bright Appalachian STEM Academy shirt and holding an ASA sign. Photos of all the Resident Teachers will be sent to you by email prior to your departure.

If you are flying home from Appalachian STEM Academy, an Appalachian STEM Academy staff member will pay for your baggage fee for one checked piece of luggage weighing under 50 pounds, so no reimbursement will be necessary.

If you have questions about packing for the airport or rules of the airport, please view the TSA website.

Note: Overweight baggage fees are not eligible for reimbursement.

If you are being driven to the Academy by your family member or driving yourself, mileage can be reimbursed. You can be reimbursed for mileage for 1 round trip between your home address and Holiday Inn Express, 114 Tulsa Road, Oak Ridge, TN if the distance traveled is more than 50 miles at current GSA rate, not to exceed $350.

Mileage form (.PDF, 22kb)

TOTAL reimbursement for personal mileage travel expenses is limited to $350. Reimbursement is limited to $175 each way.

Participants in the same program with the same home address are only eligible for reimbursement for one round trip.

An airline ticket for your one-way flight will be purchased by the program. You can be reimbursed for 1 checked bag plus reimbursement for personal vehicle mileage to travel ONE WAY between home and the airport. Additionally, you can be reimbursed for personal vehicle mileage for ONE WAY travel between home and Oak Ridge, TN if the distance traveled is more than 50 miles. WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR ROUND TRIPS. Personal mileage reimbursement is limited to $175.

Mileage form (.PDF, 22kb)