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Exercise Builder Energy™

The application for energy resilience management

Exercise Builder Energy™

Do you lack a standardized approach to emergency exercises across the organization?

Is your exercise data readily available to drive performance improvement?

Could you use an application that turns exercise generation from painstaking to easy?

Energy companies need a software application that solves several issues simultaneously. Building an exercise can go from days to minutes. Exercise manuals and reports can be generated in seconds. Data from exercise evaluation results across time can be compiled into meaningful metrics that drive emergency preparedness improvements. The entire organization has a “one-stop shop” to utilize all these capabilities.

Exercise Builder Energy™ is the solution.

*Exercise Builder Energy™ is currently under development with an expected release in Summer 2023. It is modeled after ORAU’s highly successful emergency exercise applications currently used by the nuclear power industry and the federal government.

Benefits of Exercise Builder Energy™

Benefits of Exercise Builder Energy™

  1. Improve consistency and standardization across the organization
  2. Build drills and exercises very quickly from a repository of data
  3. Generate manuals, reports, and other documents from a variety of templates
  4. Access your data anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection
  5. Evaluate jurisdiction and business unit performance over time
  6. Collaborate with peers and share data with partner organizations
  7. Facilitate the identification of strengths, weaknesses, and best practices

ORAU security and information technology

ORAU continuously improves its compliance to national standards in physical and cybersecurity. We provide adequate data back-up and recovery, appropriate equipment redundancy and appropriate monitoring and contingency plans to meet the security expectations of our clients. ORAU holds and maintains an Authority to Operate under the U.S. Department of Energy standards.

Exercise Builder Energy™ supports controllers and managers during large-scale emergency exercises

Exercise Builder Energy™ supports controllers and managers during large-scale emergency exercises

Exercise Builder Energy™ is supported by a mobile app that allows controllers to review exercise information, take notes, and score objectives. All data submitted via the app are automatically transferred to the exercise in the main application where it can be managed by exercise planners.

View the Exercise Builder Energy™ Fact Sheet


Exercise Builder Energy™, a web-based application for emergency preparedness managers in the energy industry, helps increase the efficiency of drill and exercise planning, reduce costs, comply with regulatory requirements, and improve consistency in emergency planning.

Download the ORAU Exercise Builder Energy™ fact sheet (.pdf). 

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