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Health Policy

ORAU is engaged in assessing the magnitude and extent of current public health policy issues. We provide health policy support to multiple agencies on various topics—from new models of healthcare delivery and finance to exposures and worker health. Our teams can provide expert opinions and guidance on existing policies or those in development. We can also research public and professional opinions to inform future policy, or review historical changes and significance to inform current policy and demonstrate the impacts of changes to policy.

Many times in our projects, the policy(ies) in question are under intense scrutiny by various stakeholders to assure that the science is correct and appropriate and that the needs of impacted individuals are met. This oversight results in a continuous analysis of what the most current science indicates for the specific policy being assessed or developed.

Our experts can assess compliance with policies, provide analyses of challenges or impacts, and offer recommendations to improve compliance or outcomes of health policies.

Impact Areas

Why choose ORAU?

ORAU has recognized national and international experts on a multitude of health topics available to support your agency’s needs. We can also convene external expert consultants to support peer review, expert analysis, and other inputs.

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Health, healthcare, and policy: ORAU as once, current and future pioneer

Our health is one of our most important personal assets, and Brenda Blunt, ORAU director of health policy, knows that from her experience as a nurse and her extensive experience working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She and host Michael Holtz discuss the importance of healthcare and health policy, during a wide-ranging conversation. One revelation: While ORAU is known for its health and healthcare history, including being a pioneer in the field of nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, we have also been actively involved in the formation of health policy for years, for customers like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Listen to the podcast  Transcript (.DOCX)

Brenda Blunt

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For information about ORAU’s public health and healthcare solutions, contact Freddy Gray at (865) 576-0029 or