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Meeting & Technology Support

As meeting support technologies have continued to evolve, ORAU remains a leader in the successful execution of virtual and hybrid meetings. ORAU consistently searches for and implements new tools and technologies to improve the attendee experience, including special accommodations to create a more inclusive meeting environment.

Below are the primary online meeting tools that ORAU’s team of peer review specialists utilize to facilitate peer review meetings of all sizes and shapes.


Cvent allows meeting organizers to create custom meeting websites and virtual environments. Cvent sites can manage all aspects of event registration and the Attendee Hub allows for complete, customized, interactive experiences for virtual, hybrid, or in-person events. 


Gather.Town is a web conferencing software that allows attendees to see a virtual room and both move around and interact with other participants within the room. At any time, attendees can move around, interact with objects, enter public and private areas, sit down with colleagues to have conversations, share screens, and join meeting rooms. Spaces can be customized to accommodate various meeting needs, including poster sessions that allow presenters to present information to attendees within an individual poster area.

Google Workspace

Meeting attendees and organizers can collaborate, share files, and collect information using Google Workspace. Customize user access (viewer, commenter, or editor) for Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more. Create customizable forms and surveys. Users can access information at their convenience by computer or mobile device.


Menti is an interactive audience engagement tool that allows presenters to engage their audiences in real time and receive input anonymously inform discussion. The tool allows for ongoing Q&A with moderator discretion, if needed. Build an online presentation and add questions, polls and quizzes to create an engaging experience for attendees. This mobile friendly application allows the audience to use a mobile device or computer to answer questions and see their responses in real-time. Reports can be exported into a PDF or Excel file. 

Novi Survey

Novi Survey allows for total customization of online surveys and data collection forms. Users can respond to surveys via custom invitations or by using links posted to a meeting website. Reports can be exported into a PDF or Excel file.


Slack allows users to have one location for consistent communication and information sharing across various organizations. Slack offers group messaging with message threading and one-on-one conversations. Meeting organizers and attendees can use public and private channels to organize conversations and share information based on specific topics or areas or interest. A robust search feature also allows users to find conversations and files that have been archived.


Wonder offers a unique networking experience for attendees. Each Wonder environment is customized to enhance engagement where attendees can create conversation areas based on specific topics or areas of interest. Attendees can also virtually move among conversation circles to create a more natural flow of conversation and experience a more in-person type of environment. They can “walk” around the space to meet new people, observe conversations, and leave and join conversations at any time. Attendees can also share video and have face-to-face conversations or use the chat feature to connect with everyone in a circle or have a private chat with an individual. 


XLeap is an online meeting facilitation tool that can help maximize attendee engagement. The tool facilitates virtual and in-person participation for any number of participants to brainstorm, prioritize, rank, and comment on ideas. There’s no need for an attendee to raise their hand and wait to make a comment or ask a question. They can immediately contribute a thought, idea, or question using this tool. Attendees can also comment or reply to comments made by other colleagues. The tool allows for multiple ideas to be discussed in parallel or attendees are focused on a specific area. A comprehensive report of the meeting is available immediately. 

Zoom for Government

Zoom for Government offers the same seamless, secure, and reliable Zoom experience as the commercial Zoom platform but with a dedicated, secure infrastructure designed to meet FedRAMP requirements. This reliable video platform allows for set up of virtual video and audio conferencing as well as webinars, live chats, and closed captioning.

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ORAU successfully manages virtual sessions for our customers

ORAU's peer review teams have become incredibly successful at executing virtual events, offering a hands-on approach to a variety of different meeting types, including large-scale conferences with thousands of attendees, peer reviews, workshops, principal investigator meetings, advisory team meetings with a few dozen to a few hundred people and everything in between.

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