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Program Administration

One of ORAU’s capabilities is the implementation and operation of career-launching programs in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, including postdoctoral research programs. For example in 2005, NASA awarded ORAU the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP), and ORAU successfully operated this effort until 2016, delivering excellence in performance, professionalism, and quality of care for a decade. ORAU began managing this NASA program again in 2022.

ORAU believes in enabling science. Since 1951, we have been committed to enabling and enhancing career paths for those just launching their scientific careers to senior scientists who are building experience while furthering the missions of research organizations around the country.

Impact Areas

NASA Postdoctoral Program

The NASA Postdoctoral Program offers unique research opportunities to engage in ongoing NASA research projects with top scientists at a NASA Center, NASA Headquarters or at a NASA-affiliated research institute. These one- to three-year fellowships are designed to advance NASA’s missions in space science, earth science, aeronautics, space operations, exploration systems, and astrobiology.

Nasa Postdoctoral Fellow Rika Anderson

Army Research Laboratory

Scientists and engineers at the Army Research Laboratory support Army forces in meeting future operational needs by pursuing scientific research and technological developments in diverse fields. The Research Associates Program includes opportunities for students at all levels, including undergraduate students, graduates at all degree levels, and postdoctoral researchers with up to five years of experience, to work alongside U.S. Army scientists.

A participant explains his research with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Meet Scott Miller, ORAU program director for the NASA Postdoctoral Program

ORAU assumed management of the $129.7 million NASA Postdoctoral Program at the end of January 2022. In this episode of Further Together, host Michael Holtz talks with Scott Miller, ORAU director for the program. What is the NPP program, why is it important to the NASA enterprise, and how can early and senior career scientists be part of this important research program? Tune in for details, and check out the NASA Postdoctoral Program website.

Listen to Episode 82 Transcript for Episode 82 (.DOCX)

Scott Miller, ORAU program director for the NASA Postdoctoral Program

Contact us

If you would like  to learn more about ORAU's expertise in managing STEM internship and fellowship programs, contact Scott Miller, Ph.D., director of ORAU Research Programs.

If you have questions about contracting options, contact the ORAU Contracts Administration Office at (865) 576-7618 or