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Research Partnerships

Keeping our nation on the leading edge of science and technology is at the heart of everything we do at ORAU. That’s why our member university consortium is so important.

Through the university consortium and strategic partnerships, the Research and University Partnerships Office brings together university faculty and students to collaborate with ORAU experts on major scientific initiatives that strengthen America’s leading edge in science and technology.

A female mentor and female student conduct research in a lab setting

Impact Areas

Podcast: Better research equals better performance as a company

ORAU has a thriving and growing research enterprise. Returning guest Ken Tobin, ORAU's chief research officer, joins host Michael Holtz for a conversation about some new developments in the research arena, including the creation of a research scientist job family. Ultimately, research is good for the company from a performance and employee engagement perspective. The conversation is brief but very impactful.

Videocast for Episode 100 Listen to Episode 100 Transcript (.DOCX)

Ken Tobin, Ph.D.

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To learn more about ORAU's University Partnership programs, contact us at (865) 576-6513 or