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Peer Review

ORAU brings decades of experience in scientific peer review and merit review for agencies and organizations of all sizes.

Each year, federal and state agencies as well as major foundations award billions in dollars to research proposals and projects deemed to show the most promise. The goal is always to award funding to the most deserving proposals. But how can these organizations effectively decide which proposals are the best? The most time-tested and widely accepted method is peer review.

What is peer review?

Peer review is the evaluation of scientific work by subject matter experts from the same or a related field. The evaluated work may be among other things, a proposal to conduct scientific research, ongoing research itself or a submitted paper based on ongoing or completed research. The peer review process involves selecting experts in the same field as the proposals to evaluate, comment, and score proposals based on their knowledge of the subject and understanding of the impact each proposal would make if funded.

Peer reviewer

What we offer

  • Multiple decades of experience in all aspects of scientific peer review and merit review
  • A fully-integrated peer review management system
  • Broad experience in using other online peer review management systems
  • Ability to conduct reviews, workshops and meetings of any size
  • Ease-of-use in managing reviews from start to finish or managing any component
  • Proprietary network of global subject matter experts and access to numerous other expert databases
  • Low cost and high efficiency in all phases of the peer review process
  • Management of all travel, honoraria and other arrangements for expert panels
  • Facilitator and subject matter experts engaged in peer review

    Why choose ORAU?

    For those who are tasked with conducting peer review on behalf of their agency or organization, the process can be daunting and often costly in both dollars and time. When an organization needs only a few reviews on an infrequent basis, it can also be a very inefficient process.

    That’s where ORAU has the ability to take the entire process, or any part of it, and manage it with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness that only comes with having conducted thousands of reviews of all sizes.

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    Recruiting the experts

    We can draw upon our proprietary network of more than 18,000 global subject matter experts and numerous other expert databases to support your peer review. Contact us at to connect to the right experts or for help recruiting subject matter experts.

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    ORAU's peer review process

    • Planning the review
    • Identifying the experts
    • Conducting the peer review
    • Managing the information
    • Coordinating workshops
    • Implementing improvements
  • Peer review subject matter experts talk during a peer review

    How we can help

    Is your agency or company involved in proposal evaluation that requires peer review? If so, ORAU can support your efforts by conducting a full-scale review that we manage from beginning to end, or by taking responsibility for any of the review’s component parts. Contact us at to learn more.

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Reviewer using PeerNet

PeerNet – Proposal Management System

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PeerNet is specifically designed to facilitate effective proposal solicitation, peer review, and award management by using ORAU’s proprietary and easy-to-navigate online portal. PeerNet is a structured system where:

  • Proposals are collected from principal investigators using customized criteria.
  • Peer review scores and comments from multiple subject matter experts are entered.
  • Common criteria and scoring methods allow for apples-to-apples comparisons.
  • Data are delivered quickly to inform decision making.
  • Information, documents, and deliverables are exchanged with awardees.

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