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Technology Products & Solutions

The modern world requires technology for everything from message communication to the performance of everyday tasks: websites with animation, computer-based training programs, desktop and mobile applications, and the acquisition and leveraging of data. ORAU's technology support team can identify the best uses for tech approaches and advance your program by smartly integrating innovative tech solutions.

ORAU offers the technical knowledge and proven capability to design and develop comprehensive technology solutions to solve complex problems. Our product development capability is informed by subject matter expertise in data capture, management, analytics, visualization, and reporting.

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Impact Areas

ORAU Pathfinder mobile app

ORAU created the Pathfinder mobile app for college students, recent graduates, and postdoctoral researchers to search and apply for hundreds of STEM internships, fellowships, and research opportunities at facilities across the United States, such as NASA, EPA, and the Army Research Laboratory.

The ORAU Pathfinder app provides allows users to remain engaged, connected, and informed during the ORAU experience—from application, to offer, through the appointment. Applicants and participants can explore opportunities, learn about exclusive ORAU events, manage applications, accept offers, access a variety of STEM career resources, and more!

Learn more about ORAU Pathfinder

Woman using a mobile device