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Emergency Manager 360

The full cycle of emergency preparedness activities for continuous program improvement

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ORAU Emergency Manager 360 is an integrated, online, secure software suite accessible at all levels within an organization, designed to assist in resiliency, preparedness, continuity, and rapid recovery of services during disasters and other potential disruptions.

Share & collaborate

Emergency Manager 360 provides not only a place for emergency managers to run and assess individual facilities-based programs, but a place for best practices, exercise templates, resources, program strengths, and lessons learned to be shared from facility to facility and across the entire organizational spectrum.

Emergency Manager 360 makes it easy to add anyone in the system to your exercise design team, or to copy a successful exercise or incident already in the database to meet your needs.

Build. Evaluate. Track. Improve.

  • Build exercises and document real world incidents in accordance with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).
  • Evaluate program performance using a repository for national performance measures, program evaluation criteria, and accreditation standards.
  • Track improvement items and compliance-related exercise requirements for each exercise or incident.
  • Improve mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts through data collection, analysis, and solution tracking.

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Key features

  • Share resiliency data throughout a customizable organization structure
    Accommodates multiple layers of organizational hierarchy and enables multi-level collaboration and coordination for data analysis at every level.
  • Track performance measures and regulatory standards
    Connects industry or customized standards to exercise evaluation, real-world incidents evaluation, and improvement planning.
  • Create HSEEP-consistent exercises, drills, and incidents
    Facilitates planning, managing, and analyzing events with built-in HSEEP methodology and documentation.
  • Improve consistency and standardization
    Ensures that facilities within the organization maintain a standardized approach to exercise design, incident documentation, and improvement tracking.
  • Assess emergency preparedness
    Evaluates performance and identifies gaps in readiness and response through after-action reporting and corrective action tracking.

Impact Areas

ORAU security and information technology

ORAU continuously improves its compliance to national standards in physical and cybersecurity. We provide adequate data back-up and recovery, appropriate equipment redundancy, and appropriate monitoring and contingency plans to meet the security expectations of our clients. 

Contact us

For more information about Emergency Manager 360, please contact Mary Connelly at (865) 323-7537 or