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Our Expertise

For more than 75 years, we have helped our customers advance their mission by providing science, health, and workforce solutions. Through our specialized teams of experts and a consortium of more than 150 universities, we connect the right people and resources to help our customers solve our nation’s most challenging issues.

ORAU’s core values are focused on innovation, expertise, diversity, quality, teamwork, agility, integrity, safety/security, and customer service, and employees are empowered through these values to focus on advancing national priorities and serving the public interest through their unique strengths.

Our Expertise

Impact Areas

Research & University Partnerships

As a consortium of more than 150 colleges and Ph.D.-granting research universities, ORAU helps America's leading science education institutions face the challenges of securing research funding and attracting students into STEM fields.

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Epidemiology & Exposure Science

ORAU offers a comprehensive approach to helping research facilities, laboratories, and private industry focus on workplace hazards research and the occupational health and safety of workers.

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Epidemiology & Exposure Science

Radiation Safety & Health Physics Training

ORAU Professional Training Programs (PTP) offers accredited continuing education for health physicists, scientists, educators, and nuclear regulators with a diverse offering of health physics and radiation safety training courses.

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Evaluation Support

ORAU evaluation specialists can help move projects forward in an efficient, data-driven manner that matches the specific need and audience. We have experience in setting up projects with clear and measurable goals and objectives, identifying the best approaches to gather data for your evaluation, and utilizing cost-effective data collection methods to measure short-term, intermediate and long-term outcomes. ORAU evaluation specialists use this data to demonstrate research findings, lessons learned, and best practices for our clients.

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Evaluation Support

Public Health & Healthcare

ORAU blends communication, marketing, preparedness, technical training and research skills to develop solutions that inform the public and equip health professionals to respond to public health challenges.

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Workforce Solutions

ORAU connects the best students, recent graduates, faculty and professionals with world-class STEM fellowships, internships and jobs to help cultivate a highly qualified scientific and technical workforce.

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Workforce Solutions

K-12 STEM Programs

ORAU provides teacher development program for K-12 educators and STEM learning programs for students as a major part of our mission to train and inspire tomorrow’s STEM leaders.

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K-12 STEM Programs

Peer Review & Grants Management

ORAU's research, reviews and evaluations staff can provide your federal or state government agency or other organization with an array of services including scientific peer review, expert identification and recruiting, and research services.

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Environmental Services

ORAU is a leading provider of characterization, final status, and assessment of environmental cleanup of sites with radiological contamination.

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Forensic Science Services

ORAU helps strengthen our nation’s defenses by aiding government agencies and law enforcement in their mission to protect citizens and stop threats to communities. ORAU provides forensic science expertise in several areas, including analysis and laboratory operations, consulting, information technology, education, and training.

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Technology Products & Solutions

ORAU's technology support team can identify the best uses for tech approaches and advance your program by smartly integrating innovative tech solutions. Our product development capability is informed by subject matter expertise in data capture, management, analytics, visualization, and reporting.

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