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National Supplemental Screening Program

The National Supplemental Screening Program (NSSP) provides free customized medical screenings to former Department of Energy workers who may have been exposed to hazardous substances on the job site. The screenings are designed to identify occupational diseases such as chronic respiratory illnesses, hearing loss, kidney or liver disease, and some forms of cancer.

The NSSP collects data to help identify if former workers have developed any health conditions related to workplace exposures, as well as any health conditions that arise as these workers age.

ORAU, along with its partners—along with its partners National Jewish Health, Acuity International, Cority Software, and the Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health—manages this program by:

  • Leveraging a nationwide network of clinics to provide medical evaluations to DOE former workers, regardless of where they are living today
  • Providing a secure paperless system for transferring patient information among the partners
  • Using leading occupational medicine groups to design the exams, to review all findings, and to prepare the results letter for each participant

Impact Areas

Am I eligible for the NSSP?

If you are a former DOE worker who may have worked with hazardous substances, or was exposed to radiation, you may be eligible for the NSSP. The NSSP operates in all 50 states. Clinics are located within 60 miles of every United States zip code. Learn more about eligibility, how to enroll, and information about the screening exam on the NSSP website.

Visit the NSSP website

A female physician speaks to a male patient in a doctor's office

Jamie Stalker joins ORAU to lead National Supplemental Screening Program

Jamie Stalker, M.D., is a physician and co-principal investigator for the National Supplemental Screening Program. Stalker has more than 30 years of experience in internal and occupational medicine, is a former NSSP Advisory Committee member, and most recently served as the site occupational medical director of Argonne National Laboratory where she set strategic direction and managed the lab’s health-related services, including occupational medicine. She is board certified in internal medicine and has more than 20 years of occupational medicine practice.

Dr. Jamie Stalker, physician and co-principal investigator for the National Supplemental Screening Program

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