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Forensic Science Services

When it comes to protecting our nation and its people, law enforcement, homeland security and other agencies rely on a wide range of national security disciplines, including the specialized field of forensic science. Safety and security threats, such as terrorist attacks, call for high-level skills in examining physical evidence, interpreting data and making science-based determinations to mitigate future threats.

ORAU helps strengthen our nation’s defenses by aiding government agencies and law enforcement in their mission to protect citizens and stop threats to communities. ORAU provides forensic science expertise in several areas, including analysis and laboratory operations, consulting, and education and training.

What we do

ORAU forensic science experts perform analytical services, such as processing and examining evidence and materials, including chemical analyses, DNA, firearms and toolmarks, latent prints, trace evidence and forensic photography.

In addition, we manage all areas of laboratory operations, including evidence and materials management, analytical protocol and methodology, research, competency and proficiency processes, and quality management systems. We specifically support forensic science initiatives at the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Defense.

Together with law enforcement, national security professionals and intelligence community staff, our team forms a multidisciplinary operation focused on the recovery, analysis, identification, coordination and management of evidence, materials and devices.

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    Forensic science education and training

    Our capabilities in forensic science education and training include scene management and investigation, with an emphasis on recognition, documentation, collection and preservation of evidence and materials.

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    Forensic science consulting

    As a consulting team, ORAU subject matter experts provide technical guidance and customized solutions in the areas of scene management and investigative protocols; examination protocol and methodology review, guidance and support; laboratory management; quality assurance; evidence and materials management; laboratory facility development; and access to subject matter expertise in additional forensic disciplines.

ORAU forensic DNA examiners help piece together clues that save military lives

ORAU forensic DNA examiners help piece together clues that save military lives

When an improvised explosive device detonates, the remaining pieces may hold clues about who created the device as well as the movement of their organization. Helping catch these terrorists ultimately saves the lives of our service men and women in combat zones.

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